Why we need your financial support

There’s no two ways about it: filmmaking is expensive. From travel costs to equipment rentals, baggage fees to insurance, the costs really add up. A low-budget documentary film can easily incur costs in excess of $300,000.

Independent filmmakers like us often have to cobble together funding from a variety of sources, including crowdfunding, private investment, grants, co-production opportunities, and other support. We managed to scrape together enough funding to complete the film, and now we have to try to get it in front of audiences! This can incur costs such as film festival entry fees, theater rentals, travel expenses, and even E&O insurance.

That’s where you come in!

We are grateful for the continuing financial support of individuals and organizations across Alaska and the lower 48. If you would like to see this film reach a wide audience and spur new public discourse around public lands, please join us by making a donation using the form on this page. We’ve put together some thank-you gifts for your generosity!

What’s a fiscal sponsor?

Your donation will be processed by our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA). Fiscal sponsorship simply means that AWA will receive donations on our behalf, and that your contribution is therefore tax-deductible. The funds will be disbursed to us to be used toward film expenses, and the production remains independently produced and free from editorial or creative influence. Fiscal sponsor arrangements such as this are very common for independent filmmakers, who otherwise cannot receive grant funding from foundations.

If you would like to invest in the film outside of this fiscal sponsor structure, we are happy to accommodate — please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss options.


Thank you!